Immigration Self Test

We have had a lot of yelling about immigration in the country lately.

Close the borders?
Health care?
Food stamps?
Drivers license?
In state tuition?
Did the POTUS do the right thing with executive action?

The list goes on and on.

But here is a test to help you truly assess where your real thinking is on immigration:   Do you lock YOUR doors at night, or not?


That was easy.

Not that the immigration question is easy.  We need to always remember that we are talking about people, families, and, more than likely, our ancestors were likely immigrants.  But, if you think about it, you locking your doors at night is a pretty good indication of where you are, really, when it comes to letting folks just come on in and join you.

So, think about it, and maybe, just maybe, we can move away from demonizing the folks that think we need to get control of the borders.  Maybe they aren’t Satan incarnate.


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