Why is the website here?

Because we are in trouble.
It has become fashionable to maintain significant biases and bigotries and indignantly broadcast those bigotries as some kind of obvious fact. Some of the bigotries are old, and some new.

We are being divided on everything.
Sex, race, skin tone within races, income, education level, political views, job type, sexual preference, school choice, religion, hair color, hair type, and on and on.

When does this end?
Where is it coming from?
Why do we have so many “leaders” driving wedges between us?

I am amazed at what is happening, and the damage it is doing to humanity.

Once we accept bigotry, communication shuts down, and the demonizing, and/or dehumanization of that group begins. If we view those who disagree with us as evil, or some kind of subhuman idiot, why on earth would we listen?

This just leads to greater and greater anger and separation. I am sincerely concerned that we are headed to destruction. I would prefer that we not destroy ourselves. But that is going to take serious reflection.

If we accept bigotry, and worse, participate in bigotry, we truly are part of the problem.
I hope you are ready to swallow your anger. I hope you are ready to listen to others, and yes, even those with whom you seriously disagree. Maybe, just maybe, those folks are not evil, or morons. Maybe, through respectful engagement, some minds and hearts can be changed.

Let’s find the common ground, and a way to communicate like intelligent adults, not angry, insecure children.

We can do this.

Will you help?


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