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Benevolence versus Tyranny

Benevolence versus Tyranny

Some would have you believe that “they are here to help”.  They wax poetic of the injustices of things, and demand others pay up for the unfairness of it all.

Che "loved all" and killed any who disagreed.
The “spread love” murderer.

It brings up an interesting question:  How much are they giving to their favorite charities?
You see, I too have a great interest in feeding the hungry, sheltering the poor, and helping those in need.  But here is the difference:  For 2016, my wife and I gave 23.1% of our adjusted gross income away.  23.1%.
For our taxable income, we gave 66.5% of our income away.  66.5%.
On an actual income basis, meaning no games,  we gave away 34.4% of our gross income.  34.4%.  That is NOT including taxes.  Just the money we gave to charity.

Who's money is it anyway?
Who’s money is it anyway?

We put our money where our heart is.  Our money.  Not your money.  We do not DEMAND that you put your money where our heart is.  That is our job, not your job.

Which begs a question: How much do my socialist friends give to charity?
You see, when you give to charity or directly to others, it is an act of kindness.  It is an act of benevolence.
But, when you do not give to charity, but demand that others give to you or to the charity YOU choose, that is not benevolence.  

When giving is demanded.
When giving is demanded.

Can you see the difference?

I find it interesting how often I hear the very folks who are DEMANDING that others “give” to them, talking about how those others are “greedy.”
Indeed.  Who is greedy?

You see, socialism seems a lot like altruism.  “We are just trying to help…”
Uh huh.   

Here is a social model to consider:  What if the plan was that you should work hard to improve your situation, and then, you would have the option to give to others?  

People giving freely
People volunteering without demand, because that is what VOLUNTEERING is.

Right now, my friends on the left are squealing that those “greedy” jerks won’t give their money away.
But the real reason that they presume that others will not give their money away, is because my socialist friends do not give their own money away.  So, they presume that no one else will either.
Revealing, don’t you think?

To the socialist, it is an act of high honor to demand money from others.
This is the very nature of a racket.
This is false benevolence.
False kindness.
Indeed, it is tyranny.
A real gift is given, not demanded.  If you want to help the world, go and do it.  If you want to create tyranny, demand others do it.
Pretty simple really.

So, you see, I really do want to help others.  I do that by giving a high percentage of my income to various charities, and directly to people in need.  Charities and people of MY choice.
This allows me to hold those charities and people accountable.
We look for charities that do demonstrably great work, and are very good stewards of their assets.
Or, we look to give to people who are really trying to better themselves.  Helping them get to a point of stability in their lives where they can become self sustaining.  Eventually, they can become givers as well, giving back in the way they think is best.
Could there be a more perfect form of democracy?  You decide what you will give to, and I will decide what I will give to.
With socialism, there is NO accountability, which is how we end up with disasters like Venezuela, or the Veterans Administration. No accountability.

With socialism, some bureaucrat decides how much money is demanded, and where that money goes.  So why would we think that a bureaucrat would not simply line their own pockets, or those of their friends?
Why is it, my socialist friends, that you think that some government bureaucrat is just going to be a good person, with no evidence to show that they are, and no accountability to ensure that they are, no reason for them to be, and no example of that in history?

Communists showing their nonconformity.
Nice matching outfits, you need only comply.

My giving actually DOES feed people.  Real people, who come to the food pantry and get food for their family in need.
I know I am doing a real good that is helping people in real need.
I feel happy to do it.
I want to do it more, and the folks that get that food are truly grateful for the gift.  They may even think that one day, they will give to the pantry, and help others the same way they were helped.  And thus, this design expands naturally and in a positive, elective and free way.

With socialism, invariably the “giver” is forced, and the “receiver” becomes dependent, and demanding, which turns the “gift” into an “entitlement” for the receiver and a burden for the giver.   This puts the entire giving process on its head.  It is turned upside down, where the receiver DEMANDS the gift, and the giver becomes a slave.
What could possibly go wrong?
Perhaps the “giver” will figure out that they are being made the fool, and simply stop producing.  Why should they continue to produce?
The givers (or producers) are demonized, because it helps the bureaucrats maintain control and justifies the constant taking, and the takers are elevated.
So why not just become a taker?
And then the producer group gets smaller.
This leads to a reduction in production.
And that leads to forced labor.
This is exactly what ALWAYS happens with socialism which is why socialism always fails.  

No government or Total governemnt
We want no government ..urr, total control by OUR government. And violence to boot!

One does not claim benevolence by demanding the fruits of other’s labor.
One is benevolent by giving of their own labor.
Socialism is an evil construct wrapped up in a false claim of kindness.
It is not kindness.  It is simply a stealthy evil, which is the most powerful kind of evil.  

You will know them by the fruits of their efforts.
Socialism is the greatest mass murderer in history.

So, I ask my socialist friends to share their giving, as I have above.  How much did YOU give away last year?  Because here is the catch:  When you really do give, you realize that you do not need some huge bureaucracy to manage that giving.  You can give all you can give without some government official controlling it at all.  

So why not just give?

Getting Started With Bringing Us Together

Time to get some balance.
Time to get some balance.

The goal is to bring people together.

It’s frustrating.  We seem to have lost the ability to discuss anything without that conversation devolving into an emotional shouting match where we poke each other in the eye and call each other names.  Then, we can’t seem to figure out why no one is listening.

Big mystery.

When people get frustrated, we tend to lash out irrationally.  Like a small child throwing a fit.  It’s not terribly productive, or attractive.

I, like you (if you are honest), am GUILTY as charged.

So here is the idea:  Can we drop the emotion and really try to listen? Or, at a minimum, can we allow the other party to get emotional, and not pick up that emotion, and escalate the situation?  Can we let other people’s inability to communicate maturely be their problem, and not make it our problem?

Until we do that, I am afraid it will be more and more of the same noises around here, with the same devolving, and the same damage.

I toyed with the martial arts as a teenager.  I thought it would be cool to be able to do the things I saw in the movies:  Billy Jack, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris.  Really cool.   I am by no means an imposing male.  At high school graduation, I was all the way up to 5′ 11″ and 135 pounds soaking wet.  Some misguided folks might call me “skinny”, but the PC term is “built for speed”, or at least “slender.”  So I learned a little trick from the martial arts:  when someone comes after you, step aside.  You never take on an attacker directly.  You use their momentum to your advantage.

So it is with these difficult discussions.  Here is one common trajectory of a difficult discussion:

Human #1:  “Abortion stops a beating heart.”
Human #2:  “But you can’t be saying that you are against a woman’s right to choose.”
Human #1:  “That choice kills a baby.”
Human #2:  “So you’re saying that you get to decide what a woman does with her own body?  Anyone that thinks like that is a troglodyte.”
Troglodyte #1:  “Well you’re an evil idiot that kills babies.”
Evil Idiot #2:  “Shut up Troglodyte $#@#!%!!”
Troglodyte $#@#!% #1:  “YOU shut up Evil Idiot!”
Evil Idiot #2:  “NO! YOU SHUT UP TROGLODYTE $#@#!% !”
TROGLODYTE $#@#!% #1:  “EVIL IDIOT!!!”
EVIL IDIOT #2: (storms away screaming):  “TROGLODYTE SOMETHINGs are all the same!!!”

Yep, just like that.   I have a suspicion that nobody had their mind, or perhaps more importantly their heart, changed.   Both folks have a heart rate of 195+.   Both are ANGRY.   And, both parties have additional support for their preferred confirmation biases.   And the cycle continues.

How nice.  That should help a lot.  They then return to their respective support “corners” and grumble about “those people,” and enjoy the comradery of calling out the (TROGLODYTE $#@#!%) or (EVIL IDIOT) to those who agree with their views, deepening the chasm that divides us.

We do this all the time, and it is insanity.

People often forecast their expectations on me.  Some assume that I am a hard core liberal.  Others assume I am a hard core conservative.
The truth is, of course, somewhere else.   I am neither.  I have deep issues with both parties in the US.  Mainly because both parties have platforms with conflicting principles.

MY (almost) GUARANTEE:   You will not agree with me on everything.  Guaranteed.  And that is OK.   We would not have much to explore if we agreed on everything.

– Read what is here.
– Think about it. (No, REALLY: think about it)
– Comment on what you read, but only comment AFTER you have thought about it (BALANCED THOUGHT),  AND…After your emotion has subsided,
– Don’t allow yourself to get emotional to the point of hatred and believing in your heart that I am some evil something.

None of us are at our best we when are ready to yell “TROGLODYTE $#@#!%” or “EVIL IDIOT”, so please refrain from commenting if you are in that state.  I believe that the vast majority of people are trying to make things better.  We just have big disagreements as to how to go about making things better.

So, this is about the exchange of ideas, nourished with Balanced Thought, respect, and the removal of the emotion that leads us to call names.

I think it is worth a try.

I hope you do too.