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If Everyone Did It This Way

If Everyone Did It This Way

When making a choice about how to live, consider this simple question:
“What would happen if everyone did it the way I am doing it”?

What would happen if everyone simply lived for themselves, filled with fear and taking whatever they could from others?

Think of a world filled with thieves.

If everyone is stealing from everyone else, eventually there will be nothing left to steal. Somebody has to make stuff for there to be stuff available to steal.

Looted Shelves in Venezuela
Taking what we want, until there is nothing left.

If nobody has the faith to plant the seeds, raise the cattle, build the industry, deliver the goods, and sell the goods, there will be no goods.

It appears easiest to simply take what we need from others, particularly when we are full of fear.
But that is a short term solution to a lifelong problem.

An Alternative Way

What if everybody tried to do their best every single day?
What if everybody gave as much as they could every day?

What would the world look like if we all did exactly the things we know we need to do, and did those things to the very best of our abilities?
How different would the world be?

Singapore at night
Humanity working together making a beautiful world.

The world improves or spirals into chaos depending on which path most people chose.
Am I going to be fear filled, worrying about where my next meal is going to come from?
Or am I going to have some faith in this magical place I happily find myself, and give freely knowing that will make the world a better place, and that is the only rational long-term choice?

Can we agree that everyone stealing is not going to work as a solution?
Can we agree that taking from others is not going to work?